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Like if you were to use Forest Curse, Trick or treat, I don't know all moves that add typings. How immunities can an existing mon have, not using items and abilities?

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If we can include abilities, then Azurill - Normal / Fairy can have 5 immunities when a ghost type is  added which are Ghost / Dragon / Grass / Normal / Fighting.

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The most possible is 4 without items and abilities, and I’ll give you all that have that
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Wouldn't it be 5 with normal Flying types like pidgeotto? Correct me if I'm wrong.
It would be 4, but I forgot normal had an immunity so I’ll add that
There is a single type (Ghost) that has two immunities, and several other types that have one each. With only 3 types available at most, and no way to have a second 2-immunity type, getting to 5 is trivially impossible.
Oh wait u r right
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Well, it would be 4, wouldn't it?

The Ghost-type has 2 immunities (Normal and Fighting). It has the most immunities of any type. Since 2 is the max number of immunities, that means any other type can only have 1. So if you added together 2 types that already have an immunity, like Steel and Flying, then used Trick-Or-Treat, you would have 4 immunities. a Steel/Flying/Ghost type's immunities are thus:

  • Poison
  • Ground
  • Normal
  • Fighting

The types that have immunities are:

  • Flying (Ground)
  • Ground (Electric)
  • Fairy (Dragon)
  • Steel (Poison)
  • Normal (Ghost)
  • Dark (Psychic)
  • Ghost (Normal/Fighting)

So potentially adding Trick-Or-Treat to a combo of these types could work. For example, Steel/Fairy/Ghost would be immune to Dragon, Poison, Normal, and Fighting.

Note that Forests' Curse and Trick-Or-Treat are the only moves that add a type, and Soak merely changes the target's type to pure Water. Also, if for instance, you used Forest's Curse on a Pokemon already affected by Trick-Or-Treat, then Trick-Or-Treat would cancel out and the opponent would only have an extra Grass typing.

If the target already has an additional type added to it by Trick-or-Treat, that type is replaced with the Grass type. Forest's Curse will fail if the target is already Grass-type.


There are other ways to add immunities with items and abilities, but you don't want those, so it's safe to say the max immunities from typing alone is 4.