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The Pokemon gets bigger, right? So, does it gain weight, too?

I know this question might sound irrelevant, but when I had a Tapu Koko against a Dynamaxed Tyranitar, I had the moves Calm Mind, Dazzling Gleam, Thunderbolt, and Grass Knot.

I hit Dazzling Gleam because of STAB and 2x weakness, but I was wondering if I could have used Grass Knot instead if the Tyranitar gained weight and it would deal even more damage.

So when a Pokemon Dynamaxes or Gigantamaxes, does it gain weight?

i'lll check my pokedex for this l8r sskksksksks
Weight based moves doesn't work on Dynamaxed 'mon.

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Dynamax Pokemon have an undefined weight (e.g. ???.?). Thus, it is unknown what the weight of Dynamax Pokemon are, whether they are heavier, the same weight or even possibly lighter. Also, since weight based moves don't work on Dynamax Pokemon and there are no weight based Dynamax moves, it is impossible to even get an idea of how heavy they are. However, since weight based moves don't have any effect, it could be due to Dynamaxing and Gigantimaxing being an illusion of some sort, thus, the Weight based moves have no effect because they have nothing to base the weight on. Anyway, this is just a theory, but for now, Dynamax/Gigantimax Pokemon do not have an increase, decrease, or none of these at all because they have an undefined weight.

Note: It is said that they do have an increase in height, but nothing else can be determined from that.

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It has been revealed that dynamax is just a projection of The Pokemon, which is likely the reason that they do not gain weight. Weight-based moves like Heavy Slam and Grass Know do not affect dynamax Pokemon.