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I've been meaning to ask this for a while lmao

Are there any places where the mints respawn? Where can I find all of them?

Not a complete answer but this should help: https://game8.co/games/pokemon-sword-shield/archives/274417

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Mints can be purchased at the Battle Tower for 50 BP. They are also awarded at random each time the player achieves a higher rank for the first time in the Battle Tower.

Mints can also be found scattered around the Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra as randomly spawned overworld items each day.


I've looked at a few sources (such as this and this), and they all say that the Mint spawn rates are random. The exact rates are unknown, and they're just selected from a pool of other possible items. However, Reddit users have found places where certain Mints seem to spawn.

These maps probably aren't 100% accurate, but they should be a good reference point.

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but like, where are the spawn points ;-; and can they respawn? and what are the odds?
upvoting for effort tho if you can get a bit more detail ill ba
I can say with 75% certainty that the places items spawn are random on the IoA, from my experience. You just need to look for the sparkling spots, and hope it's a Mint. I'll dig a bit more for information, but yes they can respawn, the spawn points are random, and the odds are presumably random with the other items that can spawn in a place as well.
Okay! if you can't find any other sources, then restating that and saying per experience would work, but yeah i'd appreciate the list of mints that can/cant be found, rates and locations (if they aren't random)
I'll look for more tomorrow, my brain's a little dead right now. I'll try to get a bit more specific.
nice answer x