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A Max attack Coice Banded Victini using stab V-Create in sunny wather on a Paras with lowest defense and dry skin ability?

btw it would be kind of Fake/cool if it said Paras hang on using it's focus sash!

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I REAL anime , paras holding on to focus sash would be LOLZ !!

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Victini's Attack=4(328)=1312

Level 1 Para's lowest defense=about 6

V-create base power=180



Damage= ((2100+10)/2501312/6180+2)Mod

Damage = ((.84)(218.666)(180)+2)mod



This would do even more damage against a Snover, who has a double fire weakness but slightly lower defense. This assume's no critical hit.

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Well sorry I overlooked it. Just be thankful I answered it at all. :/
i am! :) so sorry if i seemed unthankful! :( really DT, i am so so sorry if i seemed  unthankful or stupid :(
Don't be so grumpy DT. :P
I'm Not being grumpy, it's just that I already addressed the problem with the comment.
Wait, wouldn't this have even more power if victini got +6 baton passed attack?