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"Critical" help!

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So, while making a moveset to my Guts Throh, I thought about Storm Throw, which is STAB and Critical all the time, and I thought: If I use Bulk Up and my foe does have +1 Defense from a move like Stockpile, will the damage from Storm Throw will ignore both stat changes (Because of the critical hit), or will it ignore only the foe's +1 defense?

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Bad title pun, right?

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Critical Hits don't ignore anything Nj,

All a critical hit does is double the power of your attack, meaning its like instead of having 40 power you have 80. 80 + STAB boost = 120.

But your opponent's boost's will not be ignored, and neither will yours.

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And btw, I like the pun
I must say - after a research, you are wrong!

"For example, an attacker who has used Swords Dance and then makes a critical hit will get the benefit of the increased Attack, while one affected by Charm will use its normal Attack score. Another example would be if a team had Light Screen or Reflect on it and the attacker scored a critical on the team with the certain wall; the defense added by the wall would then be ignored, and the attacker would do double damage. However, it does not ignore modifiers caused by items or abilities such as Eviolite, Defeatist, or Slow Start." - From Bulbapedia