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How long on average would it take per-latias if I soft resetted for it in AS? I’d have to beat Team Aqua and go through the cut scene every time. Suppose I OHKO both team aqua’s Pokémon at once (with surf).

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I don't understand this question....
If you run away, you won't have to reset, you can just keep encountering it, so.... 20 seconds per encounter? :P


  [1]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HaG5MIPVCUw&ab_channel=AppleCode
That’s the Eon Ticket one. I’m talking about that one you get during the game that you don’t battle because I don’t have an eon ticket.
What’s so hard to understand? Have you played ORAS?
Uh huh, I got it.  "Overthinking"
Is my answer what you're looking for?

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Takes about 3.5 minutes per Soft Reset. This will take a while...

So Ig your answer is 3.5 minutes due to those long cutscenes.
Read the source for more information!
Hope I helped!

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Dear god. That’s a long hunt. I wish I had the eon ticket, I prefer Latios anyways lol. Thank you!