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With the new Sword and Shield metagame and new move mechanics, what are some Pokemon I should prioritize and transfer from Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow (VC)?

For example: there might be some exclusive Pokemon with Hidden Abilities and Moves that can ONLY be from Yellow (VC).
I'm aware of the following:

- Slowbro (Hidden Ability: Regenerator) with Teleport (TM)

Please let me know if you are aware of any other exclusives or harder to get Pokemon!
Even just Pokemon with good Hidden Abilities like Starmie and Gyarados.
Pokemon Sword has reignited my love for competitive battling.

Here is my list for the other priority Pokemon:

Semi-Exclusive (Event Code):
- Legendary Bird Trio with Hidden Abilities (the fact SS buffed all 3 of them is so hype)

Acquirable in Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee (with Normal Abilites):
- Chansey with Teleport + Seismic Toss
- Clefable with Teleport

Thank you!

What format/rules are you playing with when you do competitive?
My favorite format is OU singles. I'm slowly getting back into it. I usually just play on Smogon, but I want to have the Pokemon in Sword for the sake of collecting.
Of course, I'm willing to try out other formats, even Doubles/VGC!

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I got to say a machamp or machoke with fissure + make it have no guard wait heres what I reccomend
Machamp - Any Ability Except No Guard +
Role Play + Fissure + Eviolite
Machoke (Gmax) With No Guard And Then Boom
Heres what will happen
Machamp will role play the no guard ability and its fissure will not miss except for flying type and sterdy Pokemons which kinda seems fair

The question is asking about OU, where fissure is banned.
@Beeg Do you want me to put this question back on the unanswered list?