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I notice little patterns with the virtual console Pokémon when I transfer them to bank. For example, they always have hidden abilities and always have 3 perfect ivs or more(might be just me). So is there any real pattern or anything that happens to the Pokémon when you transfer them from the virtual console to bank.

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Pokemon from Virtual Console -- so, Gen 1 or Gen 2 -- don't have abilities and don't have (modern) IVs. What you're describing is simply the game giving your Pokemon the traits they need to exist in modern games.

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Yes, when Gen I and II Pokemon transferred for the virtual console to Bank, there are some changes that happen to them. The list can be found here, but to sum the notable parts up:

  • Pokemon's experience are reset to the minimum required for its current level
  • They gain their hidden ability.
  • Transferred Pokemon have 0 EVs.
  • IVs are randomly generated except for 3 Perfect IVs, or 5 for Mew and Celebi.
  • In version 1.3, a Pokemon's gender and shinyness are determined the same way they were determined in Gen II, based on their IVs (Atk for gender, Spd/Def/SpDef needs to be 10 and Atk being a certain number for shiny). In 1.2 however, gender was randomly generated, and defense's role was swapped with attack for shiny.
  • All transferred Pokemon uses regular Pokeballs.
  • Their country, location, and 3DS region are set to those of the Nintendo 3DS and their secret ID is set to 00000
  • Their nature is determined by the remainder of their experience divided by 25.
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