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Like competitively I havent seen it before

What format?
It's a "usually useless move" on Showdown.

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No, Other Move severely outclass it

If you are using something like a Physical-Bug Type Pokémon, X-Scissor is a better option, as it has more power and 100% accuracy. If a Special mon, then Bug Buzz is pretty obvious. It's only good effect is that it lowers the Special Attack of the opposing Pokémon, but that is also conditional. It COULD be used as a coverage move on some Pokémon, but the Pokémon who learn it as a non-STAB move have other, better options to use. You will almost never see a Skitter Smack Dusknoir, but it may help against it's Dark Weakness, but it's always outclassed by other options such as Power-Up Punch, Shadow Sneak, etc.
Tl;dr its severely outclassed.

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