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Okay, here is the situation. Pay attention, please. :)

  • I catch a wild Poochyena, happens to be shiny, at level one.
  • I level it up a bit by battling trainers for a while, then stop when it's at level 12.
  • I want to use actually use this Poochyena for competitive play, so I give it a reset bag in Super Training which resets it's stats.
  • I max out it's Attack and Speed, and give the rest in HP.
  • I level this Pokemon up after this, all the way to 100. (It is now a Mightyena after reaching Lv.18)

Can this Pokemon be considered viable or good for competitive play now? Do people do this? Is any of what I said above possible to do?


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Can this Pokemon be considered viable or good for competitive play now?

No, not really, unless that Poochyena happens to have the ideal nature and set of IVs for the set it's using and competitive battling in general. You'll also lose the opportunity to have egg moves, which might cause an issue if there's a move you want that can only be gained through breeding.

Speaking of breeding, it's much more logical/ effective to breed competitive Pokemon rather than catch them in the wild, because then you at least have some amount of control over IVs, and you can basically choose its nature and egg moves as well. Also, this is the reasoning behind my answer to your second question...

Do people do this?

No. Competitive battling Pokemon are all 99.9% bred or hacked in with Pokegen or other software. In-game competitive battling is also pointless in a way, since you can just use Pokemon Showdown which eliminates all the tedious breeding and training involved with making in-game with competitive teams.

Is any of what I said above possible to do?

Yes, besides the part where you catch a level 1 Poochyena. If I recall correctly, there are no level 1 wild encounters in any game save for a few event Pokemon. Level 2 is definitely possible though, and I don't see why an extra level would really change anything.

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Thank you so much, continue your amazing answers!
No problem! I'll try my best :)
what about the regigigas in platinum?
That's exactly what I mean by "event" Pokemon. Regigigas is a Pokemon you interact with in an event. It's not a random wild encounter like the Poochyena would have been. There are no level 1 wild encounters like the one involving Poochyena.
there are magikarps in the resort area, I think, that can be found at any level, including lv 1.
Ah yes you're right there. Still the point I was trying to make is that under normal conditions, you wouldn't find a level 1 Pokemon anywhere, and this still holds true with this Poochyena.