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Sooooo I have like 4 boxes of shinies and I had the bold idea of getting all my shinies to level 100 and then bottlecap the living hell out of them. And so, I concluded the best way to get hundreds of bottlecaps would be through exchanging 25 dynite ore for one Bottle Cap in the DLC but that means I'll need a few thousand pieces of Dynite ore. I know you can get 3-12 per Dmax adventure, but considering how long it takes plus the inconstancy, I'm a bit worried about that method :/ I was thinking maybe the best method is doing raids in the Crown Tundra, as it seems there's 100% chance of getting one piece of ore per raid, and if I tried hard, I could probably get 2 raids done per minute, therefore 100-120 pieces of ore per hour. But is this the most efficent method? Is there a better way?


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There are just two ways to get Dynite Ore:

  1. From Max Adventures.
  2. From Max Raids.

Max Adventures yield more per round, but they take far longer to complete than Max Raids. Thusly, I believe that you are correct, the best method is doing Max Raids. As of now, there is no better way, but some sort of manipulation of raids or the like could eventually be discovered, and yield more.

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The boosts help. Either get lucky with NPC that they choose good pokémon, or invite others. The things that get more Dynite Ore than 3 regardless of investigating the area are
•Explore the innermost area (Basically enter the legendary den)
•Catch the legendary (it's easy, for me it works when i use luxury balls.)
•Explore the den safely. (No pokémon faint at all.)
This helps to farm more Ore to buy some Exp Candies or something.

For Max Raids, depending on the randomized number it could be high amount but usually randomized