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If you give a razor fang to a braviary and use something like fly, would fly then get the boost from sheer force?

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No. Sheer Force only affects moves with added effects, bringing items into the mix does not affect that if the move doesn't have added effects.

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However, if you are holding a Life Orb, the Life Orb recoil is negated by Sheer Force.
Yep that is true, but Life Orb doesn't affect which moves are boosted.
W8, like Sheer Force Pokémon is holding Life Orb for nothing? O_o
No, the Pokemon gains the 30% power boost from Life Orb, but you don't get a 10% health recoil every time you attack with the ability Sheer Force.

And I know Pokemaster, just wanted to make mention of that.
Great news for my darmanitan :D