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Gen 8 Anything Goes. Instead of traditional Choice Specs and Scarf set, Defensive Kyogre is more better at beating its checks and counter. So, which of these sets is better?

Kyogre has massively shaken up its pool of checks with its RestTalk + Sheer Cold set, finding ubiquitous opportunities to fish for the OHKO on traditional checks in Ferrothorn and Eternatus with its great natural bulk and ability to use lots of passive Pokemon as bait. The sheer volatility of this set is incredibly hard to contain and faces to true counterplay other than Kyurem-W.

Kyogre recently moved to S rank, probably because of these two sets. I think RestTalk + Sheer Cold is solid set, but it's reliable on luck since Sheer Cold is only 20% accuracy (Kyogre is non-ice type) so Block Rest + Calm Mind is also good. Since Kyurem-White isn't much popular (oof) Kyogre's much easy to spam. Block CM beats non-Teleport Blissey and non-Dragon Tail Eternatus, so it's confusing about which one is better. I had like to know what are the pros and cons of both and which one is overall better.


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I’ll go with Pros and Cons here, as I like to do


•Can trap and defeat it’s most common counter, Eternatus, easily
•It’s ability to trap with block is very helpful against slow, passive Pokémon, as it can recover from Toxic with Rest
•The bulk boost from Calm Mind is incredibly helpful, and the SpA boost is great too
•Struggles against Ferrothorn
•You can easily be set up on, as it doesn’t pose as much a threat to OHKO

ResTalk Sheer Cold

•The threat to OHKO with Sheer Cold is very helpful, and can surprise OHKO things that try to wall it or set up on it
•ResTalk is it’s best form of recovery and can let it attack, while the other set doesn’t have room for Sleep Talk, and therefore can’t move while asleep.
•Somewhat luck based. It’s luck to get something good from Sleep Talk and luck for Sheer Cold to hit.

Situations where Block is superior:
Eternatus: Sheer cold does fine, but Block Kyogre walls it pretty much completely
Ditto: Ditto can hardly touch Block Kyogre, while it can try it’s luck with Sheer Cold against Sheer Cold Kyogre.
Special Sweepers: Calm Mind and Rest can be a major annoyance for many special sweepers.
Situations where Sheer Cold is superior:
Ferrothorn: Can go for an OHKO with Sheer Cold against it.
Groudon: Sheer Cold can get it out of there.
Various stallers: Sheer Cold can OHKO unsuspecting stallers.

I’d go with Block+Calm Mind Kyogre. It’s less luck-based, and is better in more situations.

Hope this helps!

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You should add which would be generally better :P Also Sheer Cold's low PP doesn't matter since you use Sleep Talk's PP instead. It would be also much better to include with examples which situation does Block+Calm Mind puts you disadvantage at and what Sheer Cold+Rest Talk doesn't and vice versa. Then my BA will come :) Well should I wait for other answers instead? Lol, I will BA'it once you add what I told.
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