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The higher tiered Pokemon with Gigantamax forms are Cinderace, Rillaboom, Melmetal, and the Urshifus, which some of, if not all don't have much of a niche in Anything Goes. Plus, it requires you wasting your chance of dynamaxing another Pokemon, which could be used much more efficiently on different Pokemon in certain situations.
If they are worth using, which is worth using and why? Please don't make your reasoning something like "Gigantamax Cinderace, because he's super cool!!!"

Probably Urshifu single strike over Urshifu rapid strike because it is an excellent wall breaker and wicked blow is slightly stronger than surging strikes and so G-Max One Blow will be better than G-Max Rapid Flow and they both can bypass protect like moves which is very useful.
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I also think that Rillaboom is a great option as well. I can't really think of any other Pokemon that can fill Urshifu's role to a better extent so Urshifu isn't just "taking" a team slot.

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Urshifu SS is most likely the best Gigantamax Pokemon you can use because like I said in the comments its a great wall breaker and has a slightly stronger signature move than Urshifu RS. Tho it isn't the best Pokemon to use in AG and isn't used much in that format, the benefits that Urshifu has can't be left unchecked because Its abilities make it super broken, which is why it is in Ubers, Assault Vest Urshifu can take out Calyrex SR, and can hit all the Necrozma forms hard. Choice band increases its power and wicked blow always results in a critical hit which is over powered. So based on all that, it's worth it but only if you actually need it on your team for Gen 8 AG and not because (its strong / really broken), there are more Gigantamax Pokemon that can fill it's Gigantamax role but most of them are not as viable in AG. here is an Urshifu set I made as an example, I really hope this helps answer your question.


Urshifu-Gmax @ Assault Vest / Choice Band
Ability: Unseen Fist
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Close Combat
- Wicked Blow
- Iron Head / Poison Jab
- Stone Edge / U-turn

Close Combat --> Max Knuckle
Wicked Blow --> G-Max One Blow
Iron Head --> Max Steelspike / Poison Jab --> Max Ooze
Stone Edge --> Max Rockfall / U-Turn --> Max Flutterby

- Close Combat strong STAB and hits Dark-resistant foes mainly like Yveltal on the switch.
- Wicked Blow STAB and always results in a critical hit and it ignores protect and detect thanks to the ability Unseen Fist. When Gigantamaxed, Wicked Blow turns into "G-Max One Blow" and breaks through Max Guard and any protect like move.
- Iron Head / Poison Jab both hit fairy types while Iron Head has a good 30% chance to cause the opposing Pokemon to flinch and Poison Jab has a good 30% chance to cause the opposing Pokemon to be poisoned.
- Stone Edge is strong coverage that hits Flying Type Pokemon.
- U-turn to pivot out of bad spots and to get other teammates in safely.

Ive also posted this set as an answer on "what's a good move set for Urshifu" btw. Here is the website where I got the Gigantamax form from, it has all the other Pokemon sprites as well including mega forms.


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You said which G-max for you think is best, but never answered if they're worth using in AG (which I'm pretty sure they aren't, correct me if I'm wrong).
I edited my answer and explained more on if it is worth using or not.
* Urshifu currently benefits from more offensive variants of Eternatus and Zygarde-C around. Whereas not a premier choice as a wallbreaker, it's something worth reckoning as it gets certain important 2HKO's on most offensive Pokémon in the tier. Its typing can also come useful in a pinch vs. Calyrex-Shadow. It isn't "rarely" used, there're just some better options but Urshifu-SS isn't a bad choice per se.
* Assault Vest Urshifu is bad because it's worn down extremely quickly. With hazards + aggressive pivoting with U-Turn and between the Yen (Yveltal -- Necrozma-DM -- Eternatus) core, you'll find yourself in a tight spot late-game. You also wouldn't like the Special Defense boost much; after its chipped Calyrex-Shadow can get rid of it easily.
* Urshifu needs the power boost from Choice Band. Without Choice Band, it's deadweight as it's not really getting certain 2HKO's and OHKO's.
* It isn't always used as a Dynamax threat, too. BandShifu is good as a whole and even without Dynamax it's a fine breaker.
You are right about Urshifu being good without Dynamax / Gigantamax and everything else is correct but the question was "are there any Gigantamax forms worth using" so Im just saying that Urshifu is not a bad Gigantamax choice and is worth using in AG as long as it supports the team well.