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Calyrex-Ice is basically useless without Trick Room support while Calyrex-Shadow can solo itself a lot of battles.
hey sam tell your team first then someone can give an answer

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Calyrex-Shadow has more speed so that makes it fast, Calyrex-Ice has more def. and sp.def. so that makes it bulky.

Calyrex-Shadow has two weakness but they are 4x weaknesses so they are absolutely painful. Calyrex-Ice has a lot more weaknesses but they all are 2x weaknesses.

You can get calyrex-shadow if you want to hit fast and strong, but if the foe doesn't die, you can be lost. If you ask me, I choose Calyrex-Ice, because I can endure hits and then attack to them.

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Calyrex-Ice gets Trick Room, so there-after it would sweep easily.
Who will let you set-up Trick Room easily? Calyrex-Shadow can do all by itself though.
That's the point, Calyrex Shadow doesn't need it to sweep.
Yes, but think about someone had a focus sash or something.
Focus Sash is useless after Stealth Rock damage.
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Shadow rider is frail but fast, and ice rider is slow but bulky. However, ice rider needs trick room to do well, and ice isn’t a great typing for a more defensive bulky mon. Shadow rider may be frail but at least it can hit hard without going last or requiring trick room, so in general I’d say shadow rider is better overall, but if you can manage to set up trick room reliably I think ice rider is probably better