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So, this may seem a bit unanswerable, or something. If it is, I'm aware. But this is why I am asking. I did a double battle with my friend for fun. I was using Calyrex Shadow Rider, and used Astral Barrage, and while I used it, I realized it hit both. Grim Neigh boosts Sp. At after KOing a Pokemon. It hits both, and with 165 Sp. At, it can easily do massive damage and OHKO, which just makes it even stronger with its Ability. It is also so fast it outspeeds any Pokemon that are super-effective. As for Ice Rider, my little brother used it in battle tower (swsh). It KOed 2 mons, also hits both, and KOed Milotic at green HP, so why did Game Freak make it so strong?

BTW, sorry if it's too long, but it's important.
Game Freak logic
I'm a bit tired of Game Freak logic, but yeah, it's a bit Game Freak logic, so I dunno what to say, sumwun.

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They're legendary Pokemon.

Legendaries are supposed to be very, very powerful. There are of course exceptions (looking at you, Phione), but for the most part, they are beings of extreme power.

If two legendaries fuse, their powers also fuse. This was seen with Kyurem and Reshiram/Zekrom. Black/White Kyurem harnessed the powers of both ice and electric or fire, depending on which Pokemon you chose to fuse with Kyurem. So how does that relate to Calyrex?

Calyrex is immensely intelligent, as stated several times, and further backed up by the fact that it's a Psychic type, which tend to be quite smart. Its steed, be it Glastrier or Spectrier, are both immensely powerful physically, as stated numerous times and shown in their stats. If you fuse a being of incredible intelligence with one of extraordinary power, you're very likely to get a massively powerful creature, which is very clearly the case with Calyrex's fusions.

That's the in-game explanation. From a business decision, Game Freak probably just wanted to reward players that bought the DLC with an incredibly tough Pokemon to use.

Hope I helped!

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I think they made it strong because it is a legendary, people had bought the DLC with real money and deserve a strong Pokemon, and they can do whatever they feel like. But the main reason like I said is probably people bought the DLC and gamefreak wanted them to have a reward.

Hope I helped!

Thanks, Blaziken. I agree, because I bought the DLC, and because it costs money, it'll probably be good.
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Legendaries are made to become powerful good looking mascots. Usually game mascots(here,DLC) need to look and be powerful for marketing reasons.A legendary that looks powerful will attract a potential buyer. Also people payed money to get a brand new legendary Pokemon.

Thank you, Sam!