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I have been playing Ubers since morning, have played about 30 games so far, and I didn't see a single Calyrex Ice. Then, I started wondering, why the heck is that guy even in Ubers? It has an ATROCIOUS base speed (30) and has six common weaknesses, including Yveltal's STAB Dark moves, which is the most used Poke in tier. It's only niche is in Trick Room, which either is very unreliable, or spoils the other members fun. So, why is this guy is Ubers? Isn't he OU material or something?

it is too strong to be in OU. 165 Atk, Super Bulk....
But it's not at all used in Ubers. So why don't they create something like OUBL for it?
Calyrex-Ice isn't as bad as you had think. It's definitely not crappy as stuff like Magearna, Solgaleo, Cinderace, etc. BTW, Yveltal doesn't switch to Glacial Lance. Post-zacian-h ban meta would have Necro Dusk Mane, one of its reliable counters to shift from physically defensive to special for Xerneas, Eternatus, etc. which means it's much more viable, albeit underrated.
It has base 50 speed. Ubers is somewhat the OUBL.
Ok? Trick Room exists.
I'm correcting GeniusGatik, he said it had 30 speed, it actually has 50 speed.
Calyrex-Ice is B+ in Ubers and B- in AG. This is more then quite a few Ubers can boast. It has a very wide, expansive movepool, including Leech Seed, Glacial Lance, High Horsepower, Swords Dance, Trick Room, Substitute, etc. that help it. It’s high bulk, high attack, and the insane power of Glacial Lance at 130 and the great coverage ice provides helps. It’s very hard to wall, which makes it strong against bulky teams.
Tl;dr It's TOOO much for OU.

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As Mushroom has said, Calyrex Ice is too strong for ou. The thing about smogon tiering is it doesn't matterwhether a Pokemon has a relevant niche in a current tier or not. If said Pokemon is too strong for the tier below then it will not be allowed in said lower tier. Calyrex just hits too hard to be ou

A few weeks ago, someone actually suggested that Calyrex be allowed in ou however, just about everyone shot down the idea almost immediately because the thing hits too hard. It may be slow but it has enough bulk to rival Zamazenta and it can actually hold an item so with boots, this thing would just get kill after kill

It's the same situation for Cinderace. People thought it had a tight chokehold on the metagame so it was banned and the thing is complte horsecrap in ubers. Not just Cinderace but also guys like Solgaleo and whatever the fusion of Necrozma and Lunala is

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Calyrex can snowball(haha get it?) into a huge threat with chilling neigh. also it is pretty bulky. With the right situation it can easily sweep entire teams also, it just takes one misclick, then you can sweep with calyrex ice. (the opponent has to misclick obviously)

Calyrex has 50 speed and 6 weaknesses. I don't think it can sweep an entire team very often.
eh true, but im only mentioning very rare cases
Sweepers are supposed to be reliable, not funcition in special circumstances.
true but im not calling it a sweeper, i said it CAN sweep ,as in it has the potential.
A lot of Pokemon CAN sweep in an Ubers game, and most of them are not in the Ubers tier like Calyrex is. So this still does not explain why Calyrex is a higher tier than those other Pokemon.