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In this replay, my Calyrex Shadow in Dynamax form is against a Regieleki. The Regieleki had a Life Orb that was knocked off, and I had a Focus Sash. I attacked, and somehow outsped it in the battle and was able to win later with Zacian Crowned because Calyrex Shadow was knocked out. Skip to turn 17 to see the play. My Calyrex Shadow was max speed Timid natured too. At max Speed IVs and minimum investment, Regieleki reaches 462 speed, or somewhere around there. Here is the replay: https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen8anythinggoes-1340119508-qtot4eye633onnn43b50xj7ho8u0gzfpw

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Calyrex-Shadow is actually able to outspeed Regieleki by two points if it's fully invested, and Regieleki invests nothing in Speed. The Regieleki probably didn't have any Speed investment at all -- a Nature that doesn't affect it, no EVs, and 31 IVs allows it to top out at 436 Speed. A Timid 252 Speed Calyrex-Shadow reaches 438 Speed.

Source: Showdown

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