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Replay (language warning)

The opponent's Calyrex-S was apparently Scarfed and had max Spe investment. It's nature was also Timid. It did get slowed by Webs but the Scarf should have made it outspeed a Zacian-C even with the -1. Was this a glitch or something?

(Turn 29 on the replay btw)

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Cool, gotcha. Of course not, my (fren's) interest was purely academical. Thanks for clarifying that it is possible, I've seen too many players complain about hacking but rarely (read: never) any actual evidence of hacking in any replay or anything, including this one.
Well Choice Scarf is +50% Speed and Sticky Web is -1 to Speed stat stages so how much is -1 Speed and what order do Scarf and Webs take effect?
Webs should have cancelled the effect of Scarf.

@Cristal Maybach
Ah, cool.
They cancel out exactly. +1 stage is 1.5x, -1 stage is (2/3)x
@Spex What the others said, and the order doesn't matter in this case because they're equal and are negating each others' effect.

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Your opponent was lying. There are no hidden modifiers that could have raised your speed or lowered your opponent's speed.