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In this replay, my Calyrex-Shadow had the max 438 speed, and Shaymin-Sky outsped it with air slash, even though it’s max speed is only 388. (Skip to turn 10 to see.) I know it wasn’t scarfed, as it used max quake on Zac-C without switching out and back in.


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If a Pokémon holding a Choice Scarf Dynamaxes, the item will temporarily have no effect; the stat boost will be disabled, and the Pokémon will no longer be subject to move locks. After the Dynamax ends, the stat boost is restored, and any previous move lock will be re-enabled.


It used a Choice Scarf, outspeeding Calyrex-Shadow with Air Slash. It then Dynamaxed to negate the move lock. Thus, this scenario is completely plausible.

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Dynamax is so broken