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I was playing Gen 8 Monotype and I went with a Dragon monotype and my opponent had Bug. They had a Buzzwole and I sent out my Dragapult, whose possible speed stat was higher than of Buzzwole's, which means that it should have had been faster than the Buzzwole, but the latter out speed me. Why did that happen? I am kind of confused on that.

Replay of the battle.

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The Buzzwole's item might be Choice Scarf, because of which it was faster than the Dragapult.

Choice Scarf: Holder's Speed is 1.5x, but it can only select the first move it executes.
Gen: 4 |  Fling Base Power: 10


Because we don't know what your opponent's team was, we can't make an 100% sure guess, but most probably it was holding a Choice Scarf.

Edit: You can be totally sure now that it was Scarf as I scouted with Heroku, with better results.

Hope it helped!

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That is 100% a Scarfed Buzzwole. No way he outspeeds all four of Dragonite, Hydreigon, Salamence and DRAGAPULT.
Ofc let me scout
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The Buzzwole had Choice Scarf

Buzzwole had a Choice Scarf, as it gives Buzzwole a 1.5x speed boost to serve as a revenge killer. Choice Scarf is also the most common item used on Buzzwole.

Sources: These usage stats and experience

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That's a ScarfWole.

Or, a Choice Scarfed Buzzwole. That multiplies his Speed stat by 1.5, but locks him into one move. Notice how he kept using the same move over and over.