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I have a Sirfetch'd in Pokemon Sword. His current moveset is Night Slash, Poison Jab, Leaf Blade, and Close Combat. He is currently holding a Leek. So, should I keep Close Combat or substitute it for Meteor Assault?


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Close Combat.

Here's why. Close Combat has 120 BP, and Meteor Assault has 150. However, you must recharge after using Meteor Assault, so it essentially has a BP of 75 per turn. While Close Combat lowers your defenses, it doesn't leave you completely vulnerable like Meteor Assault does, and as such it is far better.

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Thank you! Btw, is this moveset ok?
Looks good to me. If you're using it for competitive, replace Night Slash with Knock Off. And if my answer helped, please click the green checkmark in the top right of it.
Why Knock Off? Night Slash gets crits easily, so I feel like its better than Knock Off.
That's unreliable. Knock Off gets a power boost when it removes an item, and there's a surplus of those in competitive.
oh, I understand. Thank you!
Happy to help! Also, in the future, please use the "comment" button to reply to answers, not the "answer" button, thanks.