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lets say i get a haxorus image

and i raise his attack stat to 200 and his sp attack to 0 would haxorus be weaker?
i dont know because sam with like a pokemon with a good sp attack id make its attack 0 and its sp attack high
would this weaken my pokemon?

i dont know if against the rules but ive herd people ask this in chat
thanks ':)


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Well, you can't lower any stat to zero for any Pokemon. And 200 is really low for Haxorus. But your Special Attack stat will not affect your Pokemon if you have all Physical attacks, meaning you shouldn''t put any EVs in that stat, and it would be safe to give it a Special Attack hindering nature. Same with a Pokemon using all Special moves, you don't need to put in any EVs in Attack. In fact, if you have no physical moves, then you'll want your Attack as low as possible to reduce the damage taken by confusion. I'm not quite sure if this answers your question, as it was worded strangely.

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It will not be a good pokemon. Thats means you would only be able to use Special attacks It will be really strong in your Special attacks.Like dragon pulse and Focus blast.But will be very bad in Physical attacks Like Fury swipes and faint attack.Now do you understand?

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