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I was wondering if Volcorona or Frostmoth would be better based off movesets and stats.


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One hundred percent Volcarona is better. First, let's look at competitive. Frosmoth is Untiered, which is the lowest ranking. However, ranking doesn't decide everything. Still, Frosmoth is used only 0.001% on 1825+ ELO, which is a very high ranking. Now, let's look at at stats. Volcarona has an amazing 135 Special attack, amazing special defense and speed and decent HP. Frosmoth has an excellent 125 Special Attack, has good special defense but middling everywhere else at best. If we look at typing, Volcarona has a superior typing with 3 Weaknesses, with a four times weakness to rock and 6 Resistances. Frosmoth, has 4 weaknesses, two four times weaknesses, and only 3 resistances. If we look at movepool, Volcarona has an amazing signature move that can boost its special attack to insane levels. It also has quiver dance, arguably the best set up move in the game. It gets psychic for coverage, giga drain to heal, Bug buzz for good bug stab and a variety of special moves in general that are very useful. Frosmoth also gets quiver dance, but lacks powerful special coverage. It can, however learn ice beam, hurricane, and other good moves. Still, I would give this to Volcarona. A problem with Volcarona is you need the DLC, however, if you can get it, then
Based off of all of my evidence, I would say that Volcarona is better. Here is a very good set from smogon.

Volcarona @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Flame Body
EVs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Quiver Dance
- Flamethrower/Fiery Dance/Fire blast
- Psychic
- Bug Buzz

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OP is asking about in-game, not competitive
Shoot. My point still stands, let me just add some things :)
Thanks for telling me, and before I looked at this I already taught my larvesta ,who I was about to evolve, psychic!
Oh that's cool! I'm happy I helped!
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That depends on your team core or what type of team it is, even when based off on movesets and stats. However, in general, Volcarona is better. Volcarona has only 3 weaknesses and 6 resists in which one is a 4x resist whereas Frosmoth has 4 weaknesses, two of them being 4x weaknesses, and only 3 resists.

As for stats and abilities, Frosmoth's Ice Scales ability is nice, but most Pokémon in the metagame are physical attackers. Additionally, the speed stat is not good in any way and its base stat adds to a total of 475.
Volcarona, on the other hand, has great speed that is higher than Frosmoth's by a significant 35 points (100). Plus, the SpA is higher. Both abilities are actually useful, with Flame Body sometimes making physical attackers more hesitant to attack and Swarm allowing it to hit harder. Each of Volcarona's stats are higher than Frosmoth's except for attack which neither needs.

When it comes to movesets, Volcarona's is much better than Frosmoth's mediocre moveset. There are only 8 special moves with a base power above 70, 3 of which are inaccurate. Only one of its moves counter a weakness, being Giga Drain against the Rock types.
Volcarona, on the other hand, has a large variety of great moves, with Giga Drain covering its Water- and Rock-type weakness leaving it with only 1 uncovered weakness being Flying. Its signature move has a 50% chance to raise its SpA by 1, (Fiery Dance) which is very useful and makes it capable of sweeping. Plus, it counters common Pokémon in the metagame, notably Ferrothorn, Corviknight and Rillaboom.

Hope I helped!

Thanks for helping!