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I really want a shuckle in all my gba games & I dont know where to find it. I heard about the altering cave but I don't know how to get the upgrade thing. Does anyone know where to find a shuckle in emerald or fire red?

where's shuckie in bw2?

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Gold /Silver Route 40, Burned Tower, Cianwood City, Dark Cave (rock smash / gift)

Crystal Route 40 (rock smash)

Emerald Altering Cave, Safari Zone (walking in altering cave, rock smash in safari zone)

Diamond /Pearl Route 224 (emerald in ba slot)

Platinum Route 224 (emerald in gba slot)

HeartGold /SoulSilver Cianwood City, Vermillion City (gift / rock smash)

Black /White Route 14 ( walking )

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in fire red you cant find a shuckle, if you want a shuckle to firered you need to trade from another game.
In emerald you can find shuckle in altering cave and safari zone.
In order to get one in the safari zone you must have rock smash (shuckle will pop out when you use rock smash on the rocks)

But while you're Rock Smashing, be wary that it is a low rate of finding him, so be patient!

Also keep in mind that there are limited rocks to smash so when you Rock Smash them all and get no Shuckle, retire and exit the Safari Zone, than re-enter to respawn the rocks.