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In All Games, I Need Rare Candies, to finish up some of my pokemons training, after I finish with ev training.

in my black game,the shuckle i caught had berry juice and i didn't even give it a berry,it had the juice when i caught it...

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You can get Berry Juice two ways.

  1. Give a Wild Shuckle an Oran Berry to hold and wait a while.

  2. Wild Shuckles always hold Berry Juice in HG/SS.

They are not available in Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald/Platinum without a Shuckle.

Also, another good way to get Rare Candies (the best way in my opinion) is to use a Pokemon with Pickup.

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Right now I'm at the school my mom teaches at and I don't have my DS so I'm just on this site, answering new questions and some old moveset questions others asked. In my SS, I'm going to be doing the daily events and also going to do some Pokeathlon in my SS once I get home.
Cool, my troterra is lvl 60, and the rest of my team is lvl 52 or higher. Once Everyone on my team is lvl 55, im going to beat the elite 4, for the first time since I restarted.
I do things diffrently. I train my starter Pokemon so that it is in the high 80s by the Elite 4, while my other Pokemon are either in the high 40s or low 50s. I do a lot of training before the Elite 4. I had a Level 60 something Infernape by the 3rd gym leader in Pearl, although my others were in their mid 20s.
How long did that take? How Much Training Did You Do? You Must Have Taken a LONG Time To Beat The Game, What, 200 hours?
Heres what I do, I like to have my starter about 5-10 lvls higher than the rest of my team, that way, my starter isnt my only good pokemon, and the game is still a fun challenge, and I still beat the game fast. The Thing Is, I Hate Training, Its Pretty Boring, But My Sister Loves Training. So I Pay her, 5 cents, every time she gets one of my pokemon up a lvl(5 cents, do I rip her off!:).