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Feebass vs Febass sets are toxic and splash for both with identical stats that are lv 1 with same def and HP.

turn 1
both febass use toxic

The rest of the battle they keep using splash.

The result of the battle?!

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Both Feebas would faint on the same turn because on the first turn, if they both use Toxic, they'll both take damage from it at the end of the first turn. Every turn, they will take the same amount of damage if their stats are the same. So, in the end, both Feebas should faint on the same turn, even if one faints first and then the other, but it will still be on the same turn, unless if the stats are different, or if the Feebas are holding items. The battle would be considered a tie, but the game would say that one trainer won and the other lost. But really, if they both faint on the same turn, the battle should be considered a tie. I'm sorry if I got this answer completely wrong, but if I'm right, I believe that's how the battle should go.

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It also depends on what game you are playing, some games do this kind of thing differently if you know what I mean.
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the one who moved first would win. the poison would defeat it last.

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If Feebas 1 had better HP stats, it would win. So yeah, in the end, its up to base stats, IV's, and EV's. If they had the same stats, well, it would be up to who went first. Like Feebas 1 used toxic first, he would win because he gave poison first.

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