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I just arrived in lake Acuity and saw my rival whine about how he got his ass handed to him. I'm pretty sure after this, you go to Veilstone City to raid the Galactic HQ by first going to the storage building accessed on the road that leads to the north from the western city entrance. Looker is supposed to meet you the moment you bump into the door of the storage building but when I did that, Looker was nowhere, probably in the game corner doing some nonsense. So, how do I get Looker to go to the storage building so I can begin my raid?

Do you have the Snowpoint city gym badge?
Yes. I needed it to climb to the lake

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You are right about flying to Veilstone City first. However, next you have to go to Team Galactic's HQ and talk to the lone Grunt standing there. Right after you listen to him complain about losing his Clefairy and knowing nothing about the Storage Key, Looked shows up. He has the Storage Key with him and suggests entering the HQ through the Galactic Warehouse. At the Galactic Warehouse, head to the metal doors and Looked will open them. Head to the basement and follow the hallway east to enter Team Galactic's HQ.
Source: https://m.bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Appendix:Platinum_walkthrough/Section_15

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