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Title should say it all. I mean the Audino that can be found in rustling grass in bw2

The previous 4 moves learnt by level up.

A lvl 40 Audino will have After You (lvl 40), Heal Pulse (lvl 35),  Take Down (lvl 30) & Entertainment (lvl 25).

The same applies to all wild Pokemons.
And here I wanted to see if I could level up my starter from level five against the Audinos. Thanks

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When encountered, a wild Pokémon's moveset will generally consist of the most recent four moves its species would know by leveling-up; for example, a level 8 Yanma will know Tackle, Foresight, and Quick Attack when encountered in the wild in Pokémon Platinum, while one encountered at level 19 will have Quick Attack, Double Team, Sonic Boom, and Detect.


For example, Audino found in Pinwheel Forest is around Level 64 (it is the highest level for an Audino as well). As per the above source, it would have Last Resort (Level 55), Double Edge (Level 50), Simple Beam (Level 45) and After You (Level 40).

Take this for an example. There are like 20+ places where Audino appears at varying levels, so I'm not going to list all of them. Use this page which mentions all level up moves of Audino in Gen 5, and so depending upon the wild Audino's level you can easily found out what 4 moves it has.

Hope this helps.

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