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I would like to know what destroys it, checks it or completely walls it. And main question is, can you succeed with it in anyway. I mean ppl can win matches with excadrill in ubers it's almost same case.
Da reason: I'm not at all a sceptile from hoenn :P


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First off, Excadrill in Ubers is used for Stealth Rocks and Rapid Spin most of the time. This is entirely different.

I’ll give you it’s pros and cons, that can give a good idea of why it isn’t viable
-High stats in SpA and Spe
-Can give Urshifu-S and Rotom-W a hard time
-Takes up a Mega Slot from the superior Mega Altaria that completely outclasses it
-Doesn’t have much of a special movepool to back up it’s big SpA
-Bad bulk
-Lots of weaknesses
-Quite a few Steels and Fairies running around (including the three most viable Pokémon:Aegislash, Mega Altaria, Melmetal)
-Grass is a depressing offensive type (and defensive type for that matter)
Mega Altaria walls it badly. The steels don’t really care about the things it throws at them. It can easily be KOd with that bulk. It takes up a mega slot when another mega outclasses it and happens to be among the most viable of Pokémon in the tier. 145 SpA, while appealing, is also deceiving, as it can’t hold a Life Orb or Choice Specs (it’s still good tho).

It’s hard to find a niche for this thing on a team. You can still win with it, it’s just harder.

And this is why Mega Sceptile isn’t (and shouldn’t be) in NatDex UU

Ok, let’s go through it’s matchup against the three most common Pokémon in the tier:Aegislash, M-Altaria, Melmetal

Resists both STABs, often SpD, walls it.
Resists both STABs, OHKO with Ice Punch
Mega Altaria:
Immune to Dragon, resists grass, kills with a STAB move.

Mega Sceptile hates Steel as it resists both STABs and Fairy as it is immune to Dragon. There is a combined total of about 20 Pokémon of the two types in the tier’s viability rankings.

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Thanks! That's sad....