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I’m currently playing Pokemon pearl on my old ds and from yesterday I noticed that there was a lag when I pressed X for the menu.
Didn’t think much of it until the texts started having white spaces between, missing letters and overlapping each other.
And the biggest problem: now when I encounter wild Pokemon the screens go black - the battle won’t load while music can be heard.

Any kind of advice would be heavily appreciated.

Is the cartridge legit? Have you tried another ds? Have you done any hacking or glitching recently? How old is the save?
Anything, no matter how little or irrelevant, is good for this type of question. How far are you in the game? How long have you had it? Any damage on the cartridge? What’s your team? Give as much information as you possibly can, videos, photos would be useful too
Should be, but it’s old. No. Idk how to so nope. Umm I started it maybe last year and came back to it now. I’ve beaten 4 gym leaders and currently in Pastoria city. Got the ds 11 years ago. No visible damage. Empeleon, Luxray, Gyarados, Roselia, Golbat (Piplup was cute). I can’t open my pokedex but its got 88 entries. The game was perfectly fine before. Only abnormality is me accidentally falling asleep while leveling up some of my weaker pokemons.
It very well could be severe complications of old age on Gen IV games. I've had my Platinum do some wacky things that are similar, although I cheated a lot on PT when I was younger. Even so, almost ten years after I stopped hacking, when I do boot it up sometimes it has hiccups.

I would have that same black screen problem sometimes, as a matter of fact - it just occurred once in a while, not really frequently. Sometimes when I rematch NPCs the text glitches. And of course, the odd random freeze. That's mostly it though.
Were you the first to own this game?

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I got the problem fixed!! On my way to Cynthia’s grandma!

Thankyou both so much for trying to help!!

Would you mind sharing the problem and the solution for future reference, in case anyone else has this issue? I’m quite curious, thank you <3