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Like non legendary wild Pokemon. Only found in ONE Pokemon game?

I dont get it. Why do you even need to know this?
he's curious

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Well, if my answer is what your question is looking for then...

  • Stunky can only be found in Pokemon Diamond
  • Glameow can only be found in Pokemon Pearl
  • White Kyurem in White 2
  • Black Kyurem in Black 2

The Rest of Them Are Here

Hope I Helped!

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*The Q says only ONE game*
*Decides to list 2 pokemons that can be found in 2 diff games*
Ayan Logic :P
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There are actually 2 Pokemon you can get.

  • White 2 exclusive: White Kyurem
  • Black 2 exclusive: Black Kyurem

Other than those 2, there are none.

The answer would be NO.

Lol bold and all caps :P