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I checked to find a Croagunk in my black 2 game... And there wasn't any area to catch one!
Do I actually have to wait AFTERGAME to add a Croagunk to my team?


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Yes. Sorry. Croagunk can only be found at Route 8, Moor of Icirrus and Icirrus City, which are all post game. Since the puddles are frozen over in Winter, Croagunk can only be found in Autumn/Fall, Spring and Summer.


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That's kinda pointless to have him black 2/ white 2 if he can only be found after the main events of black 2/ white 2
I mean why have in Pokemon black 2/ white 2's. pokedex
Croagunk isn't in the B/W 2 Regional Pokedex...
Yes he is... Ghetsis is even uses toxicroak before aftergame
Just because a Trainer uses a Pokemon doesn't mean it's in the Regional Dex. I don't want an argument, so can we just end this now?
Dude he is in the unova dex for black 2 and white 2. Go look it up.  And I guess this conversation ends here :D
Bump. Croagunk IS in the Regional Dex, Fizz.
I just realized that xD
I was assuming in my experience though, lesson learnt.