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Like for example,Pinsir.it can only learn focus punch via Tm.....are there any pinsirs that learn focus punch in the anime?

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Charizard's Seismic Toss.
Sandile's Stone Edge
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There are too many to mention, from Pikachu's Iron-tail, to Darkrai's Ice-beam. If you want to know all of the moves Pokemon in Anime have ever known, go on Bulbapedia it has a complete list for each Pokemon you search. http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Ash's_Pikachu is an example. But remember, you must search the name of trainer and the Pokemon, like above (Ash's Pikachu).

but how do they learn it even if they dont have tm?
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SE on Sandile (B/W), T-Bolt on Linoone (Advanced Generation) to name a few. Shx, S-Toss isn't a TM. However, it's true that it can't learn it via Level-Up.

i think turtwig and energy ball are one as well
bunery ice beam may be one as well
Seismic Toss was a TM in Gen I, which was when Charizard was introduced.
Raichu and hyper beam