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Like Ash Ketchum, as in ''Catch 'em All''. Are there any others? What are they?

Brock for rock, misty for, well, misty, dawn for again dawn lol, iris for those huge round iris' she actually has,who knows how many more lol
I mean that make sense. Brock for rock makes sense, cuz he's a rock type trainer. So does Misty. If you can prove Iris....
Wait nvm bout Iris
All gym leaders names are supposed to sound like their type/something to do with their type.
No one bothered putting Cilan, Cress, and Chili.

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Besides Ash there's,

Brock = B rock (Rock
Misty = Mist y (Water)
Byron = B yron (Iron)
Roark = Ro ar k (Rck)
Candice = Cand ice (Ice
Volkner = Vol kner (Volt - Electric)
Gardenia = Garden ia (Grass)
Maylene = (I'm Guessing) May lene (Lean??? Anyway... Fighting)
Bugsy = Bug sy (Bug(s))

Their fun to seek out and helps you memerize their types and stuff...

(P.S. Even my name here has a pun... vvvvvv)
Hyper Flares = Hyper Flares (Dragons breath Fire) <<<< XD
Every Gym Leader has something about them that matches their type.

  • Hyper Flares
    Master of Dragons char
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I can use my trusty frying pan...
As a drying pan! :D

*Technically a name pun.
Olympia(Psychic since the name Olympia is like the greek Olympus)
on bulbapedia it says that almost everyone with a type specialization has a name pun, such as Erika (actually a plant genus) and Giovanni (geology)
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I'm gonna have to answer after Hyper Flares with..
Tracy Sketchit = Sketch it
Lt. Surge = surge as in a surge of electricity
Geo has to do with ground, Giovanni (pronounciation varies depending on region and culture) is a ground leader
Norman from gen 3 = Norman, Normal
Almost all gym leaders have names like this, as Hyper mentioned.

I suspect that May may have gotten the name because of what it means, pretty much chance. And she entered a lot Pokemon Pokemon Contests, which can take some luck.

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