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Like all of the local multiplayer and online multiplayer features. I would like to know before I really consider getting this game.

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Not really tbh
Did you go to the Compatibility and Trivia section?
Yep. Still don't fully know what two people can do in the same game, or about online stuff specifics.
Well, I said it "might" help "a little". Honestly I didn't expect it to help much :P .

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  1. You can trade with people locally/online. To trade online you need the Online Membership
  2. You can battle people locally online. Membership needed also
  3. Mystery Gift is a communication feature to get Pokemon from events. Unfortunately there is probably not going to be any more LGPE events but if you have the PB+ then you can still get a Mew. Needs internet but not membership
  4. Take Pokemon for a stroll- An option in Mystery Gift to put a Pokemon in your PB+. You then take it for a "stroll" and when you put the Pokemon back in the game you get rewards like Poke Balls and that Pokemons specific candy