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So in lgpe there are some new mechanics introduced like AVs, that you cant battle wild Pokemon(is this true?), two players, etc.
Could someone explain this mechanics thatvare different in lgpe and how they affect gameplay?
And also, are crit chances 1/16 or 1/24 or based on speed?


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AVs (awakened values) are the replacement for EVs in Let’s Go. They range from 0-200 in each stat and there is no total limit to them, so every stat can be maxed out at once. Every AV gives you one extra point in that stat, regardless of level. AVs can be gained either through feeding your Pokémon candy or leveling up; each level up gives 1 AV in a random stat. Pokémon sent from LGPE to SwSh will have all AVs removed and start with 0 EVs.

With some rare exceptions (legendaries and Snorlax), wild Pokémon cannot be fought against. Instead, you have to use motion-controls of the joycon to throw pokeballs to try and catch the Pokémon before it runs away. Catching awards experience and excess Pokémon can be sent to the professor to trade for AV candies.

The entire game can be played in single player, but a second player can join at (almost) any point by shaking a second joycon. The second player can’t interact with the overworld, but turns battles into 2-on-1s and can help catch Pokémon, as synchronized throws between the players increases the chance to catch.

The crit chance works the same as other modern titles, starting at a base 1/24 chance.

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I would alsonlike to check a few more things
1. Other than abilities , evs , is anything else removed?
2. Do tms and hms hv infinite uses?
Held items are also removed. Other than EVs, abilities, and held items (and I guess Z-moves if you want to count them), pretty much all other mechanics from Gen 7 are still present in LGPE.
TMs are infinitely reusable. HMS aren’t in the game, and are instead replaced by “hidden techniques” that can be unlocked by your starter Pikachu/Eevee. Once you’ve unlocked one, the overworld application is mostly identical to HMs in previous games, but they don’t take up one of your Pokémon’s moves and you can access it any time.