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I'm replaying platinum again out of pure boredom and I wanna teach earthquake to my Garchomp and Gyarados. So, how do I get both of them to have earthquake when there is only one tm? Is it even possible?

Only before post game options. I only wanna use it on the story play thru

Not a complete answer, but no
You can get a male Torterra or Rhyhorn, level it up until it learns earthquake, breed it with a female Gible, and hatch Gibles that know earthquake. You can't do this with Gyarados because Magikarp can't learn earthquake.
Oh I picked Chimchar as my start. And if I have to go thru all that just to have them both have eq I might as well use a different water type

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You can't teach earthquake to both Garchomp and Gyarados via TM as:

  • TMs are reusable only prior Gen-5. So 1 TM teaches the move to only one Pokemon.
  • There is only one Earthquake TM according to this link which is pre-game (Wayward Cave).

Dig is an alternative, but it isn't better than earthquake. Since it is in-game, I recommend you to use Earthquake on Garchomp, since if any electric type comes, you can safely switch into Garchomp.

Hope this helps :)

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