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I'm breeding for some shiny Pokemon but my ditto isn't too good so the shiny Pokemon that come out don't have the best stats. How do I get a 5 or even 6 IV ditto without trading or joining some else's raid battles?

This question is for Sword and Shield.
Yes, I saw that there was already a similar question on the database, but to my knowledge, that wasn't for Generation VIII.

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For a 6 IV Ditto you need to get him from a raid, and there’s one particular spot where this can occur. The Stony Wilderness section of the Wild Area has a raid spot tucked away in a small corner. From the nursery just head under the bridge to the right and you’ll see it behind some tall grass. This is where Ditto raids can spawn. If the light coming from the raid is purple, it is definitely a Ditto. If it has no raid at the time you’ll want to buy a Wishing Piece from the Watt Trader next to the nursery. It’s expensive so you may need to get more watts.


Here's a guide on how to get watts easily.

I believe 6/5IV Ditto, while possible, are still pretty rare in this raid den. The best I've gotten has been 4IV. Of course, I could just have rotten luck. I hope you have better luck than me with your search.

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When I check a Pokemon's stats, what word describes a stat has it's best one? Is it just best or is there something higher?
Best is the highest one, yes
OK thank you!