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The Mega Slot is already taken. I'm using a team with mostly Special Attackers, which includes Choice Specs Magearna. Based on what the community has to say, Magearna is probably getting banned, so I'm going to lose 1 answer to Blissey and Chansey. I thought of Mega Latias, but that wouldn't work since dual mega teams are bad, so I found out Reuniclus is B+ on the latest National Dex viability rankings. It has STAB Psyshock, Magic Guard, Recover, and the ability to set up Calm Mind in Chansey and Blissey's faces. It seems like a decent or good Mega Latias alternative on paper, but how good is reuniclus actually?


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Well I think that Reunclius right now is incredible, but to call it a replacement for Mega Latias is not completely correct. Mega Latias does take a mega slot, but it is neither immune to hazards or Toxic, something Reuniclus feasts on. At the same time, Mega Latias has the ability to check dangerous ground types with Ice Beam, using its nice speed tier, on top of potentially Heatran or Zard Y. Reuniclus serves more to abuse any slower mons, mainly Toxapex, Ferrothorn, and any other bulky pivot you can think of. Notably Mega Lopunny dislikes these, so it forms a nice pair. Both abuse Spikes nicely, but I find it easier to fit Ash Greninja with Reuniclus in general. In summary, it comes down to what youre going for, and if you want to heavily abuse things like Toxapex, Reuniclus is your fit, while Mega Latias fits more to serve as a potent win condition that checks quite a few things in the process.

Personally, I like to use z reuniclus with spikes support. It gets it some cruial KOs. If you can have some checks to heatran and zard y, you can definitely use reuniclus.

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