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I often see Focus Blast on Reuniclus movesets, but I feel uneasy using Focus Blast because it misses so often. Are there any good alternatives for it or is Focus Blast the only option?

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Focus Blast is used because it's strong against Dark types, and how Reuniclus's STAB is resisted to Dark types. Reuniclus doesn't have any other strong special moves to serve the same purpose as Focus Blast. What I'd suggest would be Shadow Ball for ghost types, or you could use Energy Ball and Flash Cannon too. I'd also suggest Thunder, but you don't want a low accuracy move.
What tier do you want to use this in, or is this in-game
Unfotunately, it doesnt have access to aura sphere. Which means its stuck with focus blast. All of its other fighting moves are physical: rock smash, superpower, focus punch, drain punch, power-up punch.
What tier?
How about using an item that increases accuracy?
^ that sucks
You are losing damage output or gradual healing for lorb or lefties, as well as they don't even boost much. Wide lens is only 77% accuracy with the boost, and zoom lens, which you must move last to use(which is most of the time tho) bumps it up to a 84% accuracy.

As for general coverage, not assuming any tier, most use thunder/shadow ball/focus blast, and most others are not very useful or otherwise only for extremely niche pokemon.

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