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I was thinking of using a Glaceon with this moveset:
Ice Beam: STAB
Freeze-Dry: STAB, good against water types who resist Ice Beam
Shadow Ball: Coverage
Hyper Voice: Solid all-around power for neutral hits

My question here is:
Would Freeze-Dry work on ALL water types, even if their secondary typing resisted Ice?

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It doesn’t hit for super effective damage on Pokémon who’s second typing resists ice
If the Pokémon is, for example, Water/Ice, Freeze dry will be neutral as ice resists ice.


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Ok, thank you! Also that was really fast LOL
You’re welcome!
Just for clarification, if a water type's secondary typing resists ice, then it does neutral damage, correct?
Yes I believe that is what he meant.
Yes, it is neutral