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I’ve seen my friend have it without hacking, So I’ve searched and it gets it by breeding but non of the Pokémon that get it are in the (field) breeding group.
My question is how do I get freeze-dry on an Alolan vulpix ?
And this is for USUM so I can't use glaceon or eiscue.

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You must chain breed to get Freeze Dry on a Vulpix. Two Pokémon can pass Freeze Dry down, Swinub and Delibird. The thing about that is Swinub gets Freeze Dry from Delibird as well, so it’s easier to just use Delibird. To get a Delibird with Freeze Dry, you’ve got three options. Swinub, Vulpix, and Lapras. So this means that you would need a Lapras. Then, you need an Aurorus to get Freeze Dry onto Lapras. It learns Freeze Dry at level 1.

So, in conclusion, you need to do quite a bit of breeding.

Hope this helps! :)

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Gah dagnabbit I was gonna correct my answer with the new 'it's in USUM' info but you sniped me. That's totally correct btw
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Alolan Vulpix gets Freeze-Dry by breeding with Glaceon or Eiscue. Glaceon learns it at level 40, and Eiscue learns it at level 36
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Edit: This is true for SWSH only!
[1]: https://m.bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Vulpix_(Pokémon)

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sorry but i forgot to mention this is for USUM !
You can get Glaceon in USUM by evolving Eevee, or from the GTS
Glaceon doesn’t get Freeze Dry in Gen 7.