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I really want a Dusk Form Lycanroc and wanted to know if I could get one in Pokemon Sword. Do I have to transfer it, have the event Rockruff, or can I just evolve it at a certain time?

You can get an own tempo rockruff from some Isle of Armor raid dens then evolve it at 7-7:59 PM.
Would it be ok if you told me which dens have Rockruffs? If not, that's fine too. ;)
I am not fully sure, but mostly around the Tower of Darkness you will find Rockruff dens, just watt grind until you find a Rockruff.

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You have to have an Own Tempo Rockruff AND level it up between 7-7:59 pm. One does not simply catch a Dusk Lycanroc.*

If you didn't participate in the event, the only way you can currently get an Own Tempo Rockruff is by breeding it. I do not know if you can make an Own Tempo Rockruff out of a Dusk Lycanroc, but I know if you had a Rockruff with that ability and bred with Ditto, you could make more back in Sun and Moon; I speak from experience. Whether that has changed for Gen 8, I do not know.

  • I have actually seen people hack in Dusk Lycanroc raids before. I own a shiny one because of it. Keep your eyes peeled!

EDIT: Appears it's on Challenge Road and not, in fact, a hack. The source I used did not list this raid location, and I did not remember where said raid listed it!

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According to this article https://www.keengamer.com/articles/guides/max-raid-battle-dusk-form-lycanroc-in-sword-and-shield/
You can actually get dusk lycanrocs from a specific Max Raid on the isle of armour. I would know as a random wishing piece i threw in was a shiny dusk form. i don't think it was a glitch, sooooo. i might be wrong though? i think it is 20% chance for 5 Star Purple Max Raid. hope this helped :)
My apologies! Bulbapedia does not cover this! Looked everywhere I thought I could - I did not find mention of it.
Don't worry bout it :D glad i helped
Edit: I think it is the one to the far right of challenge road (when you face the door)