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So, a Zacian or Zamazenta is poisoned in a double battle. Your ally Pokemon tricks a Rusted Sword or Shield over to Zacian or Zamazenta. Would the Zamazenta or Zacian change into Crowned form, or not? Would the poison be removed?

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I don't think those items can be tricked. Also I'm pretty sure form changes don't cure poison.
Oh, I didn't know that. But Zacian and Zamazenta change into Fairy-Steel or Fighting-Steel respectively, and Steel is immune to Poison.

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There is a list of items that are immune to any form of in-battle manipulation:
Rusted Sword, only for Zacian
Rusted Shield, only for Zamazenta

If an item meets this signature item check, then Trick and Switcheroo will fail when used by either side; Fling and Bestow fail when used by the holder.


Firstly, you aren't able to Trick Rusted Sword and Rusted Shield to Zacian and Zamazenta respectively. Second, even if it was possible, then it won't cure the poison.

If a Pokémon is poisoned while not Poison- or Steel-type (such as while affected by a type-changing move or before evolving into a Poison-type or Steel-type Pokémon), it will remain poisoned.


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