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Let's say I'm in a double battle and chose both my moves for Pokemon A and B, and I knock out an opponent with Pokemon A's move. This causes both A and B to gain Exp, and B levels up, and B can learn a new move at this new level, and the game prompts me to choose a move to delete to accommodate the new move. Can I choose to delete that preselected move?

For example, if I chose to use Rock Smash (learnt via TM) with my Heracross at level 18, and it levels up to 19 before executing said Rock Smash. Heracross learns Brick Break at 19, and before the battle continues, the game prompts me to delete a move to make space for Brick Break. In such an instance, can I delete Rock Smash? Would Heracross use Brick Break, or Rock Smash? Or would the game prevent me from deleting Rock Smash?

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After a move is issued, if that Pokémon Levels up before its in-battle turn and replaces the move currently awaiting execution with a new move, the new move will be used instead of the old one.
In Generation 6, the old move can still be used.
Multiple turn moves like Outrage will continue to be performed even if it is deleted between turns.

So, I believe that in every Gen but Gen 6, the new move will be executed unless it is a multi-turn move. However, due to mechanics in Gen 1, if you level up too much and pass the Level which the move is learned at, it won't be learned.
Source: https://m.bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Move

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tysm! :D
Hey, I just tried this again in BW but the opposite happened. Heracross ended up using Rock Smash even though it had learnt Brick Break.
Interesting.  I'll try this later in my Gen.6 and 7 games.  I'll comment when I find something.  Want me to hide this until then?  Also,
Keep it for now. And thanks for linking the old question, ig I'll try it again as well in another game.
I tried in Gen. 6, and I used the old move just as I expected.