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I’ve watched a lot of the Pokémon anime and Stantler REALLY seems like a psychic type but looking at its actual typing it’s Normal?! I’m very confused.

Game Freak logic

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I think this can be explained like most Anime/Game Questions can:

The Anime, and the Games, are not the same thing

They do things and change things in the anime that aren't in the games, also, like said above, Game Freak Logic. Sometimes the games and anime do not follow basic logic. Also, most Normal types are based on normal creatures we actually have. Common Birds(the regional birds) Kangaroos(Kangaskan) Tauros and Miltank(Bull and Cow)
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The other answer is good, but I'm gonna give my 2 cents on this question. Most normal types are based on normal animals, or are animals, like bears(ursaring), kangaroos(kanghaskan), etc. Stantler is a deer, and do deer normally have psychic powers? No. Are deer normal animals? Yes. So they made it a normal type, but they also gave it psychic powers(pokemon can do that because the game isn't supposed to be realistic, and they have done things like this before). Also, this is only my opinion.
Source: My own logic lol
I hope I've helped!

This is good. I thought this too but my brain slipped I guess.
Hope you don't mind me adding that to my answer. If you do I'll remove the part I added.
Most other Pokémon are based on animals too. Shouldn’t Magikarp be a normal type? It’s a fish. Shouldn’t Psyduck be a normal type? It’s a platypus. Rabbits are rather normal animals, so shouldn’t the Scorbunny line be normal? Nope. Mice aren’t unusual, so shouldn’t Pikachu be normal?
I guess that's true...
But I think it mostly applies this way to normal mammals, platypusses and fish live in the water, therefore Water. Also, Scorbunny's a starter, and they don't ever want to have a normal starter.
Also, even though it's close, I'd say Psyduck is a duck, not a platypus, due to having a normal duck tail feather thing, and having wings, only getting flippers once it's golduck, also, platypuses are pretty unusual unique animals. They're not common.
Its ok you can add that to your answer lol. Yeah, most mammal pokemon are normal types. They started with the fire-water-grass starter types and they aren't gonna change it anytime soon(if they never do).