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It is Rocks Levitating in the air Correct? So why is it not affected by Gravity?

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It's just one of those things they didn't take into account. It doesn't make much sense to have floating rocks in the first place, but honest to say, there really isn't too much of a reason for it. Gravity seems to affect mainly the pokemon, not the environment leading me to think it's a move used directly on the user and the opponent, unlike moves like trick room, which envelop the entire field, despite gravity's description. Not everything in the game makes sense.

-Soundproof should block out thunder since thunder is the sound made by lightning.

-Whirlwind is commonly used after entry hazards are laid to try and spread damage/poison right? Wouldn't you think the whirlwind would blow the spikes/rocks away?

If it did work, I'm sure places like smogon would ban the use of Gravity. After all, we wouldn't want to get rid of our precious rocks. Maybe they'll change it to stop stealth rock in the future, but that's just the way things are.

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Prevents moves like Fly and Bounce and the Ability Levitate for 5 turns.

                           Stealth Rock

Stealth Rock lays a trap of stones around the foe, which hurts pokemon switching in to the opposing field.

The move inflicts variable damage - a fraction of the pokemon's maximum HP - based on its susceptibility to the Rock type (see right).

Stealth Rock can be cleared from the field by the moves Rapid Spin (around the user) or Defog (around the target).

So to be clear gravity affects pokemon not rocks, and stuff like that.

So why doesn't it float away? It doesn't float away because the rocks are to heavy or they will have burnt up.

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