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I found this lady in Slateport and she says : Oh your(insert Pokemon at the front of your team here).... You'll have to work on it a little harder. Then I'll give you something nice.

What do I have to do to get her to say I don't need to work on my Pokemon more and give me the "nice" thing? Also, what is the nice thing? Thanks!

I think she gives you something like the sooth bell
Also is this in a building?
No, she's in one of the stalls in the marketplace, she's by the Energy Guru, who sells the stat boosting items(Protien, Calcium, HP up)

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There are two women that give you something on a certain condition.
If you mean the woman in the Pokemon Fan Club, then this might help you:

One of the women in the Fan Club will give away a Soothe Bell if the player's Pokémon has a high friendship.

There is also a woman near the Energy Guru.

Additionally, the woman standing next to the Energy Guru will award the Pokémon in front of the player's party with an Effort Ribbon, provided that the Pokémon does not have the Ribbon already and the Pokémon has previously acquired 510 effort values.

Source: This and experience. Hope this helped.

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