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I just can't seem to find my way to the other ladders and things. Can someone help, maybe give directions? List them if possible, not just a link.

Do you want maps or screenshots of Victory Road?
That'd be helpful, but if it's too difficult to find, it's not necessary as long as they give good instructions.

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This is for Emerald, but hopefully it’s the same or similar. I’m using a video reference.

  1. Enter the cave
  2. Go up and left slightly, go up the first staircase with the overhang ladder (this should be near the entrance).
  3. Continue down that path, it should be straight heading north until you reach a ladder going downwards
  4. Take the ladder
  5. This next room is dark. Use flash if you can for a better view of the area. I’ll be precise in case you don’t have it.
  6. Go down, right, down, left. Now use strength on the Boulder west of the map (not south!). Push it into the wall (left).
  7. Go down, right, and now push the southern Boulder to the right, into the wall.
  8. Go down the path, it should be south and then east until you hit a wall. Go up one step, then right until you hit a rock smash rock
  9. Use rock smash. You got this.
  10. Go up the stairs (North) that are there, and proceed to the bridge (east).
  11. Go right until you hit the wall, then head south.
  12. You should hit a wall here. Go right. There’ll be a blonde boy waiting to battle.
  13. After battling him, go down. After you go down as far as possible, then left until you hit the latter
  14. Go right about five steps, and then head upwards. Battle the lady, continue upwards until you hit a surfing lake. Surf.
  15. Stay to the left wall here. Go up, left, up, and you should hit a waterfall. Use waterfall.
  16. Go north until you hit a wall, and then go left. Once you hit the left wall, go south avoiding land. Follow the water line and go down the waterfall.
  17. Go right, and hop that ladder
  18. Go left, don’t hope that ledge. Go south
  19. Now you should be at a series of rock smash and strengths. Rock smash the upper rock first, push the first Boulder downwards, use rock smash on the second rock, and you can get around the last Boulder to reach the latter that’s north.
  20. Yay! You can see again! Go up the stairs and right onto the bridge. Follow the path until it gives you the option of left or up. Go up. Be careful. That double battle is annoying (this might be emerald only though).
  21. Go right and out the cave, and ta-da! You did it!

I hope this helps! Again, I used an Emerald source so I’m not sure how different they are, so please let me know if this works for you!

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Thank you TY, that is awesome!
Um, TY, I ran into a problem on step 18, I go south and left, but then end up being stopped by a bump border thing.
Oooooo you’re right, I guess this is one of the issues with sapphire vs emerald. Let me update this real quick!
Now it should work! Instead of going south, go right immediately after the second waterfall. Then just follow the path and the rest should be the same :)
Thanks for fixing it, I'll tell you if I get through.
Yay, I got all the way through!
Thanks for letting me know! Glad to help :)
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This doesn't show the direct path you need to take, the trainers, or the rocks and stones you need HMs for. While Surf and Waterfall are clearly shown, the other HMs you need/are recommended aren't accounted for.
Not only that, but I specifically said in the description not to answer with a link.
You can't see the pictures?
Nope, I had no idea there was pictures. It just says "source" for me.
I could try downloading the pictures and uploading to a different website because Bulbapedia might not work for you, but it looks like you don't need the pictures anymore.
Yeah, I don't need 'em, I got through.